Sunrise & Sunset

International Sunrises

I first discovered a passion for sunrise photography back in 2000 on a mission trip to TANZANIA, AFRICA

Then I had another go while on a prayer team to MOROCCO

I caught a few sunrises while on a vision trip to SLOVENIA

More opportunities for daily sunrise photography came during a week leading worship at a missionary conference in Gandia, SPAIN

I rose early to do the same while visiting my daughter in Georgia, USA

One thing all the above locations have in common is their pleasantly hot climate.  It hadn't crossed my mind that I could get shots like this in County Down, Northern Ireland where it is mostly cold and wet. I was wrong!

Strangford Lough Sunrises

Back home in County Down, I set myself a challenge to see if I could photograph the sunrise, expecting to be disappointed most mornings.  In the months of December and January (the dead of winter!) there were only three mornings when the sun could not be seen.  Here are some of the best results:

Portstewart Sunsets